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Project Consultant

No.2 peopleEducationBachelorOfficeShanghaiExperienceAbove 2 years

Job Description:

  1. Complete assigned work;
  2. Assist project manager to define the technical requirement of customers, prepare related document;
  3. Assist project manager to carry out the implementation study of our system at the customer site;
  4. Be responsible for after-sales services and training.

Job Request:

  1. Be interested in Maintenance Management;
  2. Bachelor degree or above;
  3. Electrical engineering or mechanical engineering background,  2 years of working at plant maintenance department is preferred;
  4. Good at both spoken and written English;
  5. With strong logical thinking and ability to work independently;
  6. Be a good team player, patient and willing to deliver projects on time. 

Pre-sales Consultant

No.1 peopleEducationBachelorOfficeShanghaiExperienceAbove 2 years

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for pre-sales of EAM / CMMS project,including technical exchange, customer requirement study, product demonstration;
  2. Support sales to write technical proposals;
  3. Collect feedback or advise from customers, supporting product manager in optimizing the existing products.

Job Request:

  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. Above two-years experience in pre-sales or implementation of ERP/other industrial software;
  3. Engineering background is a plus;
  4. Strong communication skills, verbally and orally;
  5. Excellent command of English;
  6. Strong ability in planning, organizing and executing.
  7. Ability to work independently and a good team player.