Kenya Hara , known master of design, put in his masterpiece “Designing Design ” that:

Design is not a kind of skill, but the perceptional and insightful capability to capture the essence of things.

That is why we began design of EAMic® with these questions: What is the essence of EAM/CMMS? What are the real practical functionalities needed? What kind of EAM/CMMS will be preferred by maintenance engineers?

Indeed, major EAM/CMMS systems available on the market have extended functionalities in order to be implemented in every type of organization. This makes sense for large sites when for instance there are different entities, several stocks of spare parts, and even integration with ERP.

The reverse side of that approach is that this requires more resources and know-how to implement and to administrate while in the meantime the system becomes more complex and less user-friendliness. This actually represents a risk for the successful implementation of the CMMS, especially for sites that do not need such functionalities.

Leanness results in efficiency

EAMic® has been designed with inspiration for simplicity: focusing on the core functionalities necessary to manage efficiently a typical maintenance department, only that and not more.

It results that it has never been that simple to manage assets, spare parts, and maintenance plans and applying the best practices in the mean-time. All of this makes EAMic® as the most suitable EAM/CMMS software for small and medium-size enterprises.

Compliance with international maintenance standards

An EAM is judged about its ability to leverage the capabilities of maintenance departments. Consequently, EAMic® has been built on existing international maintenance standards from the very beginning of its design and development. Thus, using EAMic® would help your maintenance team to grasp intuitively the best practices described in those documents.

EN 13306 Maintenance Terminology

This standard defines the vocabulary used for all types of maintenance and maintenance management. This means concretely that standardized words are used wherever it is applicable. Thus your employee would not need to learn any software-specific term, as it happens too often in other EAM/CMMS systems.

EN 13460 Documentation for Maintenance

This European Standard specifies general guidelines for the technical documentation having regard to the maintenance function as a part of the quality system of the company. In practice, this has been very useful when designing the asset details page and structure of work orders. All the necessary fields are included by default in EAMic®.

EN 15341 Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

This standard provides explicit and normalized formulas for the most common indicators used in maintenance management. Naturally, all default indicators provided in EAMic® relies as much as possible on this document.

ISO 14224 (GB/T 20172) Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment

ISO 14224 provides a comprehensive basis for the collection of maintenance data in a standard format for pieces of equipment in all facilities and operations during the life cycle of assets. Thus, EAMic® is provided with pre-populated data (such as asset categories, failure modes, failure codes, etc...) issued from that standard, easying both implementation of the system and its practical use later on.

Simple-to-Use & Beautifully Designed

As we believe that the user experience dramatically influences the use of any software, we invited designers to work on the look and feel of EAMic®. It results that the appearance of EAMic is intuitive while every key functionality is accessible with one single click. Your team will enjoy using EAMic®!

Data Safety First!

As EAMic® has been designed for cloud computing age, ValueApex has not made any compromise on data security. The system is protected against potential known vulnerabilities (SQL injection, DDoS, …), and communications between your web browser and EAMic® are encrypted with a TLS/SSL Certificate issued by Digicert. Last but not least, we selected Aliyun for hosting valueapex.com. Aliyun has indeed achieved the ISO 27001 and CSA-STAR certification, enhancing our trust in their capabilities to provide secure hosting services.

Crafted with state of the art HTML5

The new HTML5 standard expands possibilities of web applications significantly. EAMic® naturally fully exploits them, which makes per example possible to use it with any devices as desktop, laptop, and even tablets such as iPad Mini. Last but not least EAMic® passed successfully the HTML5 validator defined by the W3C as well as our website , proving the code quality of our developers.